Wednesday, December 9, 2015

We bought a house, now what?

So if you even follow me a teesy bit on social media, you'll know that we bought a house this past Friday. I know some people consider it "taboo" to talk about it before it happens, but I've already talked about how I feel about that, so the beans were spilled a while back about buying a house!


I really really really LOVE our new home. The more time I spend in it, the more I fall in love with it. Sure there are some things that need updating (the house was built in 1978) but that's all part of the adventure.

So far we've:

+moved all of our belongings from our rental house to our new house, over the span of about five trips, about 70 miles total each trip.

+moved our cats, which has been one of the most interesting parts of the move. One of them is totally loving the new place and is exploring every nook and crannie. The other, well let's just say his favorite hiding place (under the couch) is getting a lot of use.

+Painted our storage room

+Said "what does this thing do?" too many times to count, in reference to the pool equipment left for us - we've never had a pool so we're a little lost on the maintenance part!

+Asked "Babe, where are the dish towels?" and "Have you seen my shampoo?" and hundreds of similar questions per day.

+Removed cabinet doors and all hardware from the kitchen, plus stripped/sanded all of the cabinets, AND painted the cabinet interiors. Even though that's a pretty short sentence, it's the biggest project we've done so far - and we're only half finished!

+Stubbed toes, smashed fingers, dropped boxes, scratched paint... you name it, it's happened.

We are SO happy to finally be able to say that we are HOMEOWNERS. If you've been a long-time reader, you'll know that we've been wanting to buy a house now for over a year and there have been quite a few hindrances along the way. Having a place to really call ours is such a wonderful feeling, but there are still so many questions! How do pools work? Where do you buy rugs? How long does it take paint to dry? How am I supposed to find a new favorite gas station? How early should I leave for work? When can I let my cats outside without them running away?

And of course, the most important question: what hashtag should I use to document our home updates? I'm thinking #parkerpadreno but let me know if you have other ideas - I'm open to suggestions!


shannon said...

ok. when you figure out the answer to the "now what?" question you let me know. shitler and i are in the process of moving our entire lives and i'm lost and anxious and want to self-medicate, sleep till it's all over, and then wake up to it all being done for me.

BUT - shitler is a certified pool operator. need any tips??


Cassie Lee @ Sage the Blog said...

Beautiful! Congrats!

Life As The Coats said...

CONGRATS! That is so exciting. I love the part about your cats lol I hope they all adjust well soon! The packing and unpacking part is always my least favorite part about moving, but once it is finished I always feel so good!

I love the hashtag! I love using hashtags for different events in our life, they are so fun!

Brittany said...

Congratulations!! What an exciting change! I can't wait to see some interior pictures. Also, you now have a pool?!? So jealous

Jeans and a Tank Top said...

RE the pool: put in a small amount of work on a regular basis (about 10 minutes once a week most of the year) to avoid major work and headaches. Pinch-A-Penny (if you have them in your neck of the woods) offers free water chemical testing and then advice on how to make changes if anything is off.

Joy @ For the Love of Tuna said...

Welcome to the club!! It's so stressful sometimes, but there is soooo much pride in it. We have done 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 closet, built a laundry area, installed a tankless water heater (the one that came with the ouse broke a month and a half in... RIP old junker).... and so many other things. In fact, we started a whole other blog for our home adventures. We bought in June... so we're newbies too. I cannot imagine POOL MAINTENANCE though. I capitalized that because it seems daunting enough for caps. Please return to the blogging world!! We can be house blogging buddies! haha ... I could seriously talk home renos/ideas ALLLLL day.

Ashten @ Just Go Left said...

How are you THIS ahead of the renovation game?! You are a moving superwoman and I'm insanely proud of you!

I know moving is the worst. I dread the day I have to do it again.....but honestly seeing your little house and hearing the pride in your voice when you talk about it means you did the right thing. And think about it: ALL THE DECORATING!! SO MUCH DECORATING!


Steph G said...

Congrats!!! A pool sounds fantastic :) Good luck with all the unpacking. Weirdly, that was my favorite part about moving. Renovations are stressful, but it's nice to see what your own two hands can do. Can't wait to see photos!

alk alk said...

Omg, I'm so impressed. My husband and I moved into our house about a month ago and we're way behind you! Most of our stuff was moved into the barn, so we're gradually moving it in. Blessing and curse. Also, we've done no painting and have ripped the walls down in just one bedroom to replace insulation. No progress getting walls back up...

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