Monday, February 15, 2016

Let's Grab Coffee

I don't know about you but when Monday rolls around, I always feel like I need an extra cup of joe, what about you?
mug found here
If we were out to coffee, I would order an extra large, extra tall, extra whatever (as long as its big) coffee with cream and sugar. If we were at Starbucks I'd ask for two pumps of vanilla, because I like to keep it simple and I like what I like. Maybe you'd try to convince me to try a new chai latte but I'll say "maybe next time" because today I need something warm and familiar.

If we were out to coffee, I'd give you updates on our house renovations. I'd say we're at a standstill on our kitchen, playing the waiting game with our granite company to come and install counters. I'd say that it's a constant discussion surrounding our bathroom and (the possibility of) knocking down walls and expanding or leaving her the same size. I'd say that we're usually both too exhausted to come home after work and do more work, so our weekends are usually booked up with home things.

If we were out to coffee, I'm sure you'd ask about my mom, and I would appreciate it. I'd tell you that not many people ask because it's a scary subject and I'd tell you that this whole ordeal has brought us all closer - as a family - to each other and to God. I'd tell you that dealing with terminal illness is scary as hell and some nights all I can do is cry, but that most days are just like any other: we wake up, we laugh, we talk, we make memories, and then we do it all again. One day at a time, that's our new motto.

If we were out to coffee, we would laugh and catch up and I'd tell you all the things that are exciting me right now. Our upcoming trip to Orlando with my high school best friend. My nursing school best friend getting ready for a new baby boy. Finally getting counters so I can have somewhere to put my microwave.

If we were out to coffee, I'd ask about marriage. What are your views on modern vs. traditional marriage roles? Do you and your husband/boyfriend/significant other come from the same background or differ in your opinions? I've been reading a lot lately about roles in marriage and having a marriage centered in Christ. The Bible calls for women to "submit unto" their husbands and for husbands to love their wives "as Christ loves the Church." What do these things mean to you? (follow up post coming soon!)

If we were out to coffee, we would talk blogging. What do you do to keep yourself on a schedule, so your posts are consistent? Where do you blog topics and ideas come from - do you keep a journal? An editorial calendar? Ideas in the "notes" section on your phone? I feel like I'm finally getting into the swing of things around here but I'm still not making any promises as to how long I can keep it up, but I'm definitely trying.

If we were out to coffee, we'd look at our watches and laugh about how time flies when you're having fun. We'd give each other a big hug and say that we can't wait until next time and go our separate ways with warmth in our bellies and a full heart.


Crystal said...

These posts are always so much fun to read. I love seeing what types of things people like to talk about when they go out to coffee with friends or family. That coffee mug is really cute, by the way! :)

Christine Everyday said...

I am so glad that you're enjoying the time you have with your mom. You are so strong; you're an inspiration. Sending good vibes!

Channing Callahan said...

I'm not a coffee drinker because it makes me too jittery, but if I were and I was out of it, I would talk about Valentine's day and it being overrated and how excited I am about my trip to Charleston, SC this weekend. Love your writing style!

Jenna said...

I love this! Although I prefer my huge cup of coffee to be black with no sugar. The stronger the better. Players all around!

Amber Thomas said...

oh girl you and me with all the vanilla goodness please.

i'd be thankful we talked about mama and losing and winning and the way time flies even when you're trying SO HARD to soak it all in. oh girl, how we'd talk till our words nearly ran out.

i'd cry about mama and popsicle and the way this is just not how life is supposed to go. but then neither are you supposed to find the man you love at nineteen or friends on the internet. i guess we get far more than we deserve and then some.

Amy @ Getz Girl on Fire said...

This was lovely! I think coffee with you would be a grand time . . .