Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Seven (more) Valentine's Date Ideas

Last year I wrote about some realistic date night (or day) ideas to celebrate Valentines day, and while popping each others backne is tons of fun, I figured I could come up with a few more ideas to help make this Valentine's day extra special. 

Plan an outrageous trip

Sit down in front of google, and each of you plan a vacation for your significant other. If he likes fishing, set up an ultimate deep sea fishing trip and for you he can pick out a tropical vacation that's out of this world. After you're done planning the surprise trips share them with the other. Then do something really wild and crazy and actually GO on one (or both of them).

Play some old school board games

...with a sexy twist. Use your imagination for this one, I'm sure you can come up with something fun.

Breakfast Brunch In bed (or out of it)

If you're married to someone like my husband, eating in bed is not an option. We enjoy cooking breakfast/brunch on the weekends because we are always eating on the go during the week - but we usually keep it simple with eggs and sausage. On Valentines day, go all out with whatever your favorite brunch foods are (and don't forget the bloody marys!) (or mimosas if you're in to that). The next fancy brunch food I want to try is stuffed French toast.

Get active/outside

While I do go to the gym about 3-4 times per week and my husband goes every day, we don't go to the same gym. On weekends, we enjoy doing something active together. Whether it's a trail ride on our mountain bikes, a hike, or a day on the boat fishing, it's always fun to get outside and do something to break a sweat together.

Tackle a project that's been on the back burner

This past weekend me and my husband finally hung all of our pictures, paintings, and other wall décor - something I've been wanting to get done for over a month, but it seemed we always had more important things to do. Crossing something off my to-do list, with the help and support from my partner, always leaves me feeling awesome and accomplished!

Take a class

Whether it's a cooking class, art class, or something totally random like how to tie fly-fishing knots - learning something new always seems easier (or sometimes more hilarious) with someone by your side.

And my personal nothing!

Spend the day in jammies, ordering delivery (or take-out) from your favorite restaraunts, and just talking about life - there's not much that can beat good quality snuggle time. 
What are your plans for this Valentine'sday?



Nina W said...

I'm a big fan of snuggle time. I'm voting for take out Chinese and reading a book together under a blanket fort for Valentine's Day!

Jenna said...

This is a great list :-) I love spending time at home and ordering take-out :-) It's always one of my favorites!


Jessica Nicole said...

I'm a big fan of snuggles but I also like being active and getting outdoors. Love going for walks!
Jess | ♥

Oh Chel said...

Quality snuggle time is a must. Usually we will be doing a Netflix & chill weekend. Totally what we are doing this weekend gearing up for the new Walking Dead episode. These were really cute ideas. Thanks for posting them.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of taking a cooking class together! Maybe I can convince my hubby.

Rachel said...

Every once in a while we need one of those do-nothing days with lots of snuggling and random long conversations. They are bizarrely fun! :)

Sarah Ricker: Sarah Emily Blogs said...

snuggle time, netflix and take out is what we will be up to! I love the cooking class idea though. Unfortunately we don't have any where close that teaches them :(

Ruthie Ridley said...

My personal favorite is "do nothing" as well. I also liked the take a class idea!

Macy V said...

I LOVE the idea of each of you planning a surprise trip! I might actually suggest that to my husband. We plan on doing a lot of traveling this year, so we might actually go! We had a big brunch at home last weekend, since I knew we would be away this weekend. The class idea is amazing, but I would have to do it for Galentines day ;) we got a Blue Apron gift certificate for our wedding and fought through making every meal, until we decided to split it up meal by meal haha

SveetesKapes said...

Such lovely ideas and I always enjoy reading what others plan to do on Valentines day! I am planning a V-Day special menu for the hubs, shhhh! Outrageous trip sounds fantastic ;)
xx, Kusum |

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