Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Five Ways to Be A Boss at the Gym

I think the majority of us want to have an active, healthy lifestyle. We want to feel good, we want to look good, and we want to have awesome self confidence that generally comes with the feeling and looking good. But, there's this little problem - you hate the gym. Or maybe you just hate working out or you just can't seem to find whatever kind of activity is best suited for your needs and schedule.

Well, I'm here to help. Here are five ways to be a boss in the gym (or anywhere you want to get active). 

This is probably key to having an "enjoyable" time at the gym. When I first started working out (over three years ago - wow!) I would kind of wonder aimlessly around the gym sitting on whichever machine looked good/wasn't occupied. This was terrible! I felt lost, like I wasn't being productive, and like everyone was staring at me. 

As soon as I came up with a workout plan, I felt more confident, more productive, and like an overall bad ass when I went to the gym. 

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Some people are early risers, some people are night owls. Maybe you've been going to the gym after work and find yourself counting down the minutes or scrolling through your phone until it's time to leave. Perhaps it could be time to try going in the morning before work, so that you can have more free time in the afternoon to lounge around or get household chores accomplished. The same can be said for going in the mornings if you constantly find yourself snoozing the alarm and missing workouts. 

It's also great to have a schedule. Are you planning on 3-4 workouts a week? Try working out on Saturday or Sunday instead of four weekdays (hello more mornings to sleep in!) or alternating the days you go each week. 

Check out How I Became a Morning Person if you're thinking about making the switch to going before work. 

If you're not in to weight lifting, that's okay! If you're not into cardio, that's okay too! There are literally hundreds (and hundreds) of ways to be active and stay in shape. I prefer a mix of cardio, weight lifting, and HIIT just to keep my workouts from getting monotonous. 

If you're lost, I would recommend starting with pinterest or just google "workouts for people who don't like ___" and see what you come up with. Try something for at least a week before you totally give it up and don't be afraid to try new things. A coworker convinced me to try Zumba with her one day (something I thought at which I thought I'd fail miserably) and I love it. I try to do a class a few times a month now. 

Whether you're into listening to gangsa rap (my favorite leg day music is my Booty Wurk station on Pandora) or techno, create a playlist/Pandora/spotify station that will get you in the mood to move. Days where I forget my headphones are the worst days at the gym. 

Invest in some quality headphones or earbuds - the ones that came with your phone usually wont cut it. I currently use this style, and I love that the earbud is shaped to my ear rather than just a round piece of rubber, and they aren't totally noise cancelling so I feel comfortable running on the road because I'm able to hear an approaching car.

Don't worry about what the people around you are doing. Or thinking. Or looking at. They are probably as self conscious as you are - or at least they were at some point. Let loose and have fun with your workouts, after all, this is about building yourself up and creating a better YOU! 

So now I want to hear - what helps you be a boss at the gym? 


Cece said...

Agreed on all points! I did an 8 week challenge that was MAJOR in terms of getting me on track and now I'm back to doing bbg on my own again. I love having the workouts all laid out and I love the workouts so that definitely helps.

The Gastronom said...

Yes! Once I got over my self consciousness, it was much better for me!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

yes to all of these. it took me years to figure out that music actually distracts me when i work out, which i know puts me in the minority.. i prefer no music or listening to an audiobook. i think the overall thing is to find what works for you and just do it!

Angela Tolsma said...

oh gosh if I forget my headphones I go home. It's just not even worth trying without tunes!! Having a plan is so right, it took me way to long to figure that out!!

Christine Everyday said...

I love this! Having fun is so important or you'll never want to go.

Ashley said...

I have gotten into a routine to do my weights and strength exercises at home in the morning before work and then going to the gym after work and doing cardio works best for me!

Emma Byers said...

I LOVE this, Kalyn! I'm someone who definitely needs to have a plan if I'm going to be successful exercising, so your tips are so helpful. Looking forward to checking out your four-day workout plan!

Shereen Manesh said...

Great points! Definitely need the motivating music for sure! You're so right about picking the right time to work out. I am such a night person and thats when I like to work out. However, I wish I could do it in the morning to give me that "rush" that I get from it. That would be a great way to start the day! I just dont see that ever happening haha :)

Anne said...

I just posted today that I needed to up my exercise game...great tips that I will have to try!

Emily Woodard said...

My favorite time to go to the gym is during my lunch break. There are only a few people there, and the weights/machines are wide open! Once I started feeling confident at the gym, I began having much more fun!

Breakfast at Lillys said...

I needed this post! I am ready to get back into my workout routine.

xoxo, Jenny

Me Squared said...

Love this post!! I just got back into working out, but through ClassPass instead of a standard gym membership. I've been loving it so far and these tips can definitely still apply, thanks for sharing!

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