Friday, March 4, 2016

What I Love About Instagram

I love Instagram. I feel like a lot of people either love it or hate it. Many people say it’s fake – there’s a lot of staged photos and clips from people’s lives that don’t show the “real” version of the person behind the account. I try to have a healhthy mix of real vs. staged photos. Oh, and plenty of cats. If there’s anything that can keep your Instagram feed down to earth, it’s your cat’s paw showing up in your perfect #flatlay.

I think my favorite thing about Instagram is that you get a glimpse into peoples' everyday lives. You see the things they love and you can see their personality through their photo captions. I especially love hashtagging. I used to be one of those people who thought using hashtags was silly, but it's a great way to explore and find new 'grammers to follow. My current favorites are #photosinbetween, #notentirelyperfect, #morethanaframe, and #mattiesmakings.

With that being said, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite ‘grammers to follow. 


A photo posted by Amber Thomas (@mrthomasandme) on

Her posts are quirky, down to earth, and usually feature her cute sidekick Hazel. Her photos tell a story and her feed is pretty to look at. (Bonus: check out her shop insta @amberthomasmakes for some awesome homemade pretties for your home).


A photo posted by Naptime Chai ☕️ (@lisabenroeck) on

Lisa’s feed is full of toddler smiles, pretty Seattle scenery, and (more recently) her growing bump. Lisa and I first connected when we found out we shared a birthday (April 2nd) and I’ve enjoyed following her ever since. 


She has cats. She wears Harry Potter shirts to the gym. She loves books. Basically we’re the same person minus the fact that she’s Australian. 


If you like pretty quotes then Brooks is your girl. Her feed is full of beautiful, hand-lettered images of anything from scripture, to quotes, to song lyrics. Sometimes I just scroll through her feed wishing I had her beautiful handwriting. 

What’s your favorite part about Instagram? 


Helene in Between said...

love these accounts! I think I follow all of them :)

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

bahahahaha basically yes we are the same person :) i am with you on instagram - i love the look into other peoples lives. i do think there is a lot of staged/fake stuff, but i also think there is a lot of real stuff, and i don't mind a mix of both.

Lauren said...

I find it so hard to post lately because I feel like things have to be perfect and nothing in my house is white enough to ever look good like some people's posts look good. I appreciate the need to carefully stage a few things, but I hate to see a group of things that don't belong together and I love just seeing real life and personality.

Megan said...

Totally agree with you on the hashtags - I'm a convert! - and I'm fine with staged photos. I think of it as "art." ;) The problem is when people compare their real lives to staged photos, so I just try not to do that! Thanks for giving me two new accounts to follow. :)

Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

Yessss now I love searching hashtags for new accounts to follow, but I wasn't a believer in them before! Thanks for mentioning me <3

Adaleta said...

I do love me some instagram, but I'm so sad about all the algorithm changes. My pictures don't get many likes anymore and it happened all of a sudden. SAD! But I still love Instagram & seeing all the amazing content people post! xx

Jill @ RunEatSnap said...

I love Instagram but I don't like how it's "supposed" to be styled and have a theme and every picture is perfect. When I first joined (before I started a blog) I liked how it was more every day real life pictures but now with my blog I worry like "is this pic ok?" versus "I just want to share this for fun". Finding a balance for sure!

Bloggersmash .com said...

Great post. I need to start using more hashtags...thanks for the advise.

Emily Woodard said...

I love Instagram! I agree that it's so fun to get a small glimpse into other people's everyday lives. Plus, I'm a visual person, so seeing bright, beautiful photos speaks to my soul. Thanks for these account suggestions!

Amanda Cross said...

I will definitely have to check out these accounts, I don't think I'd heard of any of these accounts! Thanks for the great recommendations, these pictures look gorgeous! I am definitely an Instagram fan so I always love making my feed even prettier.

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